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September 2019
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 Announcement Concerning Astronomy Pictures

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Announcement Concerning Astronomy Pictures Empty
PostSubject: Announcement Concerning Astronomy Pictures   Announcement Concerning Astronomy Pictures Icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 9:05 pm

I just wanted to make a post regarding the things that I have posted in the way of pictures....

That being said....

I know it is a simple thing to post a link and say here's where they put all these pictures. It's a simple thing to just sit here and say go look at it for yourself. That's never been my style. I know the information is out there, but to me it is far more important to show the beauty that is captured, the infinte grandeur that is out there, not just paste a link.

The pictures often bring me a measure of peace, a sense of silence in a time when I am in my greatest inner turmoil. So perhaps it's just as much for me that I can scroll through these pictures and find some small smile in the vastness of space, a simplicity when there is nothing but chaos on this planet, in my corner of it.


I wish to say that I do my best to do these pictures justice by posting them here in the condition they are posted elsewhere, and give due credit for the people responsible for the pictures. At the present, they are in public domain on the http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ website. I post it as is without changing it. If however, I find something that moves me elsewhere, I give it the same consideration and due respect.

If anyone ever finds that I have made an error, please let me know because that is not my intent.

Thanks... and if you enjoy them just a little bit... then tha makes me happy too....

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Announcement Concerning Astronomy Pictures
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