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PostSubject: Untitiled Prose   Untitiled Prose Icon_minitimeTue May 18, 2010 9:58 pm

The dancing, always such an important part of the ceremonies, began with a new portion this evening. The little one, who just turned 9 that very morning, accompanied her mother to the center of the circle and took her place with her, nervous and shuffling about. Looking around, she felt herself start to tremble inside, wishing she could be as strong as her parents. Suddenly, she felt a light touch on her shoulders.
‘Ah, my little one, calm yourself. It’s alright, remember this is for your papa.’ Turning her head up she followed the calming voice as the face that accompanied it knelt beside her and looked into her grey eyes with those of the lightest blue.
She giggled softly and tried to crawl into her mother’s arms. ‘I know, Mama, I’m so scared though. What if I do the wrong thing? It’s Papa’s origin day, after all.’
Suddenly lifted into the air, the music began as her mother twirled her around. Laughing, her mother whispered, ‘you, my sweet light, could never do anything wrong. Remember that. Now…’ she sang softly to the little one, ‘come and dance for your Papa.’
The music grew and crested as the other dancers took their place. The woman looked around and made eye contact with the one she called her mate, her eyes misting, something that didn’t escape the young one’s notice. She pulled down on her mother’s robes. ‘Mama, are you going to be alright? You’re crying.’
‘Oh yes, Brinana, I am more than alright. Every time I look in your father’s eyes, I know that we are blessed beyond measure.’
‘We are, Mama?’
‘Indeed, for without your father,’ she paused and thought a moment,’ and your grandfather, none of us would be here now, celebrating our lives here with our family.’
‘Mama, I’m going to meet Grandfather one day, aren’t I?’
The woman wiped a tear away, ‘Yes, my child. Once he awakens, he will be told where we are by your uncle. He will be most proud to meet you.’
‘Me?’ The nine-year-old shuffled as the music kept building to their dance.
Leaning over and kissing her cheek, her mother smiled, ‘Yes, you silly. You are the living proof of what love has brought to so many.’
‘I don’t understand, Mama.’
‘I’ll tell you one day, young one,’ she said as she nudged her, ‘Time to dance now.’
The two danced in a paired passage around the room as the music played and others danced. The lights played off the walls, making the small crystals in them dance. As they passed her papa, the little one giggled and swayed with the music as fast as her tiny legs would allow, grinning as he grinned at her. They finished their pass around the room, her dance finished before she could remember she had started. She stopped and looked up at her mother who was smiling at her.
‘What do I do now, Mama? You didn’t tell me that.’
‘Now, my dear one, go to your father and tell him you love him, that’s what.’
‘Really? I can do that on a day like this?’ She felt the tremble start again from excitement.
‘I think you’d better or he’ll be sad.’ She glanced over to her mate and nodded as he did. She gently pushed her daughter. ‘Look, he’s waiting for you.’
As she looked, her papa held out his arms and smiled with tears glistening in his eyes. She hesitated but for a moment to kiss her mother before she bounded over to her father and jumped into his large protective arms. She nuzzled up to him and whispered, ‘I love you, Papa.’ She pulled back and furrowed her brow, ‘I’m supposed to say…’ she thought for a long moment and grinned, ‘I’m supposed to say Blessings to you and the light you bring to us.’
‘That you have, my child.’ Her Papa held her close and whispered, ‘For you, I have all the love in the world.’
‘But, what about mama?’ The girl looked puzzled.
‘Oh, Bri, you are the love I have for her born into the next time.’
‘What does that mean, Papa?’
Her Papa smiled, ‘That means I love her as much as I do you. The rest will come as you need to know.’
She giggled and noticed his attention has shifted from her back to the dance, where her mother had started singing his favorite song. Feeling him sigh, she kissed him and wriggled out of his arms. ‘You know, Papa, I think she might want you to dance with her.’
Her papa knelt down and looked into her eyes playfully. ‘Oh, is that what one your age thinks?’
Bri nodded swiftly. ‘Oh yes, Papa. I watch the two of you dance in the sunset you know. I think you two look happiest then.’
Her papa nodded, ‘Yes, my littlest one. I agree. Will you join us?’ He stood and held out his hand to her. She giggled.
‘No, Papa. I’ve had my dance. Now it’s your turn.’ She pushed on her papa gently, just like her mother had pushed on her.
He crossed the floor and stood in front of the one he called his mate and looked deeply into her eyes as she finished. Blushing at his eyes’ gaze, she looked down, only to have him lift her eyes back to his and lightly graze her cheek with his.
‘I believe our child wishes us to dance.’
Liana glanced over at her giggling child. ‘Why, it does seem that way, doesn’t it?’ She looked intently at her mate. ‘What shall we do?’
He pulled her close, taking her breath as his presence had always done. He whispered in her ear. ‘I think, my love, that she is wise beyond her years, much like her mother.’
Laughing softly, Liana held out her hands and placed them on Atreyan’s chest. ‘Then perhaps you will do me the honor of leading?’ She batted her eyes, making him laugh softly before holding her tightly and leading her in a celebration duet around the floor.
The room spun and spun as the lights swirled together into one shade and dim into darkness. Liana watched sadly as the dream that haunted her dissipated as she awoke to find herself standing in the middle of the field. Her smile faded as the cold crept into her arms and her heart as she stood alone.
‘Oh, no, please, not again,’ she whispered as she melted to the ground in tears.
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Untitiled Prose
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